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One often feels uncomfortable because of their smile.
The technological achievements of today offer one a broad specter of possibilities in the treatment and restoration of gums and teeth. In this process we understand the indivisible unity of function and aesthetics. It is today more than ever that in dentistry we endeavor to achieve the goal of beauty. It can be said that aesthetic dentistry has become an imperative in practice.

Your smile is the first thing that someone notices about you.
It depicts your personality, confidence, health and vitality.


Dental Center “Jurišić “ brings together a long family tradition, knowledge, experience and the constant education of its team to achieve the goal of oral health for it s patients. Here the patient is offered a complete palate of dental treatment such as basic dentistry (fillings and treatment), orthopantomographic x-rays and complex implant and prosthetic procedures in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

The center operates in cooperation with other leading experts to offer its patients the service of complete orthodontic care.

Dental Lounge “Jurišić” is a privately owned practice founded in 1998 .We offer complete care
in accordance with the highest standards in modern dentistry. The owner and manager of the
practice is Dr. Dubravko Jurišić. Dr. Jurišić  studied at the School of Medical Dentistry,
at the University of Zagreb and received his degree in 1996.

He is a member of the Chamber of Medical Dentistry, the Croatian Medical Association , The Croatian Society of Dental Implantology, and The European Society of Medical Cosmetic Dentistry. He received his Master’s degree in dental implantology at UCLA and is an active participant in many educational programs in implantology and cosmetic dentistry.

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