New smile in one day


Implant prosthetic rehabilitation in a day is increasingly becoming a trend in contemporary dental practice. Such therapy can be carried out with modern diagnostic procedures and well trained staff.

For the rehabilitation of the jaw four implants are being used – two implants in the front region and two lateral implants. What makes this concept extremely convenient to the patient on the same day, immediately after implant, receives the finished prosthesis which is fixed with the implants and the patient can not be removed since it remains attached to the mouth.

The surgical procedure takes about 2 hours and is performed under local anesthesia, which allows the whole procedure completely painless. If you need to remove the prosthetic teeth are not usable grip mining is performed immediately before the implant which enables the operation carried out in one day.

When operational phase is complete, the dental technician creates a temporary work based on fingerprint taken. Temporary work the patient is given the same day through 3-4 hours after surgery and carries it fixed in the mouth four to six months for a period of healing and osseointegration. Over a period of healing occurs contraction of soft tissue, and over a period of osseointegration leads to fusion of the implant to the bone.

Followed by making a definitive prosthetic patient who permanently wears fixed in the mouth. As for the recovery after surgery are advised to decrease physical activity and inaction lasting approximately 2-3 days. The first and second day after the operation is recommended to use a cold compress to reduce the island. After 10 days to remove sutures. Particular emphasis is given proper hygiene maintenance instructions dentist.